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Coming Out for Equality at UNLV

Pat MausHello Everyone,

Mike here! I just got back from the campus of the University of Nevada at Las Vegas (UNLV) where we held our third “Coming Out for Equality” event, recruiting college students to get involved in the LGBT movement and fight for Equality. I feel that the message of EQUALITY was heard loud and clear last week in Vegas, and this is just the beginning! That message was amplified by student groups at UNLV, QVegas Magazine, and dozens of other individuals involved with the fight to bring fairness and equal treatment to the LGBT Community.

Thus far in my career as an activist, and with all of the organizations I've been engaged with big and small, I can honestly say that this project is among those I am MOST excited for – helping to create a new generation of activists on college campuses across America. Talking to students, educating them about LGBT issues, and watching as the fuse is lit and the activism seed is planted - it is extremely rewarding.

We are all part of the conversations happening in this country. We can either sit back and let others speak for us, or we can stand up, pick a side, and fight for what we believe is right. If you’re interested in hosting a “Coming Out for Equality” event on your campus, reach out to Zack Hasychak, Community Events Manager at

Yours in Equality,

Mike Manning

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