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Come Out for Health: Share Your Healthcare Stories

HealthPost submitted by Tom Sullivan, HRC staff

Today is the first day of National LGBT Health Awareness Week.  There are many ways to participate in the campaign to “Come Out for Health”, including sharing your healthcare story.

Personal stories have the power to change hearts and minds. That is why the National Coalition for LGBT Health has teamed up with Rainbow Access Initiative, Inc. to invite LGBT healthcare consumers from across the nation share their healthcare stories.

Everyone has a healthcare story. Need a topic to get you started? Perhaps you could write about how federal healthcare reform (the Affordable Care Act) has or how it will impact you and your family?  You could describe your unmet healthcare needs or the importance of LGBT culturally competency when searching for a  healthcare provider.

Come out for LGBT health and share your healthcare story today!

HRC is a proud member of the Coalition and  a sponsor of National LGBT Health Awareness Week 2012.

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