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Come Out for Health

LGBT Health Awareness Week kicks off on March 28 with the theme “Come Out for Health”.

As a members of the LGBT community know, “coming out” is not a one day or one week activity. It is a life-long journey. But sometimes it takes a special event like this to get us past that all-too-often, self-imposed obstacle to healthcare – procrastination.

So where do you start? First, make sure to take advantage of all of the resources made available by the member organizations of National Coalition for LGBT Health, the sponsor of this annual observance. For instance, HRC provides information on protecting hospital visitation and medical decision-making rights for patients and a wide range of resources for healthcare administrators through the Healthcare Equality Index. And the Gay and Lesbian Medical Association provides guides for LGBT patients on the important issues to discuss with healthcare providers.

One of the most powerful actions you can take during LGBT Health Awareness Week is to share your stories about experiences with health care providers. Coalition member Lambda Legal is collecting personal stories which will be used to educate healthcare providers and public officials. Take a moment to share your healthcare story. The 2011 LGBT Health Awareness Week is supported by the membership of the National Coalition for LGBT Health, which is comprised of over 75 organizations from across the country, including the Human Rights Campaign. Contact the Coalition for posters, flyers and stickers for LGBT Health Awareness Week.

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