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Come ‘Out 4 Citizenship’ in Support of the LGBT Undocumented

Last month new reports from the Williams Institute and the Center for American Progress estimated that at least 267,000 LGBT-identified adult undocumented immigrants are living in the United States today.

Today HRC released our statement on the core principles we believe must be included in comprehensive immigration reform. As the debate around immigration reform continues to heat up in Congress and across the country, our partners at Out 4 Citizenship are asking supporters of LGBT-inclusive reform to sign a pledge adding their voices to the equality movement.

The pledge reads:

"I stand in support of immigration reform that puts 11 million Americans-in-waiting, including more than 267,000 LGBT people on the road to citizenship. I believe Congress must act now to enable LGBT undocumented immigrants to become full and equal participants in our society."

Hear first-hand accounts of the challenges faced by the LGBT undocumented and sign the pledge here.

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