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Colorado Speaker Kills Civil Unions Bill

CO flagIn a special session of the Colorado legislature, a House committee has voted down a bill that would have allowed for civil unions after the Speaker of the House deliberately sabotaged a vote on the House floor.

The bill had bipartisan support.

In an unprecedented display of arrogance and disregard for the democratic process and his own Republican colleagues, the Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, Frank McNulty, ignored both the will of a supermajority of Coloradans and a bipartisan majority of the House in his actions. After being passed in the Senate and making history by receiving majorities in each House committee it was heard in, Speaker McNulty took the cowardly step of running out the clock to prevent the bill from coming to the floor, where it clearly had the votes to pass.

HRC members have sent thousands of e-mails to their legislators in support of the bill, and working with our allies at One Colorado we will continue to fight for marriage equality in Colorado by electing pro-equality majorities in the House and Senate so the people of Colorado can make their voice heard.

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