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Colorado House Appropriations Committee Passes Civil Unions

CO flagMoments ago, a third committee in the Colorado House passed the Colorado Civil Unions Act on a 7-6 vote, with Republican Rep. Cheri Gerou joining six Democrats in support. The question now becomes: will Republican House leaders - who oppose civil unions - allow a second reading of the bill today ahead of a potential final vote tomorrow?

Procedural rules dictate that the debate and final vote on a bill cannot occur in the same day, and since session is scheduled to end tomorrow, failure to execute second reading today would doom the bill. The pressure is on and both sides are feeling the pinch. House Minority Leader Mark Farrandino, an out gay legislator who is also a sponsor of the bill, is reportedly working to determine whether or not he can force a hearing of the bill today.

HRC has been a proud partner of One Colorado in moving the legislation forward and mobilizing our members in the state to contact legislators. Through our efforts, nearly 20,000 phone and email messages were sent to legislative offices in Denver.

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