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CO House Called Into Special Session to Bring Back Civil Union Bill

Colorado FlagThis post comes from HRC Regional Field Organizer Trevor Chandler:

A whirlwind of a week in Colorado’s legislature showed no sign of slowing down as movement continued today to pass civil union legislation in Colorado. Just last night the bill was blocked from being debated on the floor by the House Republican leadership, despite broad bipartisan support. Under House rules this prevented the bill from being voted on the last day of session.

But in a remarkable turn of events, the bill rose from the ashes once again when Gov. Hickenlooper stated that he would be calling a special session of the legislature to reconsider the civil union legislation. Depending on what the governor decides, we expect the session to start as soon as this coming Friday. This is an exciting opportunity to ensure that legislators are held accountable for their vote and the voices of all Coloradans are heard.

Now more than ever your voice is needed. Our partners at One Colorado have an excellent tool to contact your state legislators. Use it today and share it with your family and friends. We’ve seen how powerful our stories can be so share yours now and demand that the legislature hears this bill. Share the reasons you want the Colorado legislature to stop stonewalling on Twitter using the hashtag #LetThemVote

Keep the pressure on!

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