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Clergy Speak Out for Marriage Equality in Maryland

Clergy Press ConferencePost submitted by Karin Quimby, HRC Regional Field Director

It’s been my privilege with work with people of faith throughout this campaign in Maryland. Yesterday, clergy from various denominations spoke out for fairness and equality in Maryland, urging Maryland voters to vote for Question 6.  Marylanders will be going to the polls in November to vote on Question 6, the Civil Marriage Protection Act. The text of the ballot measure allows gay and lesbian couples to get a civil marriage license from a courthouse while protecting religious beliefs and practices.
The clergy from Catholic, Protestant and Jewish faiths were united in their support for Question 6.  Rabbi Daniel Burg said:  “Some say this is about ‘traditional marriage.’ We can disagree about what’s traditional—we Jews have been arguing about ‘tradition’ for 4,000 years!  This is about freedom, fairness and the right to self-determination.”
Rev. Dr. Matthew Braddock, senior pastor at Christ Congregational Church, said:  “My faith believes that laws which fail to recognize gay and lesbian marriages contribute to a climate of misunderstanding and division, increasing hostility against gays and lesbians…I ask people to think about the basic values our religions teach.  We want to follow the Golden Rule and treat others with fairness and respect.  We want to pursue social justice and treat others with equality.  We want to protect religious freedom for all people.  I believe Question 6 does all of this.  I urge you to vote FOR Question 6.  It’s a matter of fairness and Equality.”
And Sister Jeannine Gramick, who is celebrating her 50-year Jubilee as a Roman Catholic Religious Sister, said:  “My conscience tells me that the social justice teachings of my church, which support equality and dignity for every individual, apply to civil marriage for lesbian and gay couples.”  She urged all Catholics to vote their conscience on November 6 by voting for Question 6.

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