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Clergy Call 2011: A Participant’s Take

Jay Michaelson participated in HRC's Clergy Call earlier this week. The event brought hundreds of religious leaders from across the nation to DC to speak with members of Congress about issues including repealing the Defense of Marriage Act, the Employment Non-Discrimination Act, and bullying. Michaelson wrote about his experience in the Huffington Post:

"We refuse the false choice between God and gay, and on the contrary recognize the LGBT community's call to justice as another in a long line of civil rights struggles that have moral significance.

In recent months, events in Japan, the Middle East and elsewhere have rightly eclipsed the spate of LGBT suicides from last fall in our regular news cycles. There are many issues about which religious people should be concerned today. But equality for LGBT people is still one of them -- not least because, shockingly, some on the right have now begun opposing anti-bullying laws, on the grounds that they are part of the "homosexual agenda." It's astonishing to me that bullies now have advocates in Congress."

Read Michaelson's full story.

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