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Civil Unions Vote in Hawaii State Senate Expected Soon

Senate Vote morningAloha! Adrian and I got up early this morning, packed up our materials and headed for the Hawaii state Capitol in Honolulu.  Today is the day that we expect a final vote in the state Senate.  During second reading on the bill at the end of the 2009 portion of the 2-year session, we garnered 19 of 25 Senators support, two votes in excess of a supermajority needed to override a veto from the Governor.  The hope today is that we’ll once again have a 2/3 vote and send the amended bill to the House for final passage. We arrived here at the Capitol early and the line outside the Senate chamber is starting to form.  Currently, there are about equal numbers of equality advocates and our opposition.  We fully expect plenty of people from both sides to show up this morning for the session which begins at 11:30am local time. Stay tuned and we’ll keep you up to date as the day progresses! Mahalo!

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