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Civil Unions Bill Introduced in Colorado

CO flagPost submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Yesterday, Colorado State Senator Pat Steadman introduced SB-2, a bill that would create civil unions for same-sex partners in the state. The bill would allow both same-sex and opposite-sex couples to enter into civil unions giving couples all of the rights, benefits, and obligations of marriage under state law, but would not allow same-sex couples to obtain marriage licenses.

As you may recall, last year, the state senate passed similar legislation (SB 172) with bi-partisan support by a vote of 23-12. The bill unfortunately failed in the House Judiciary committee by a vote of 6-5. If the bill were to pass the committee, we were hopeful it would have passed the full House. This year, we have a chance to make that happen.

HRC is proud to be a member of the Civil Unions coalition with One Colorado and are hopeful that this legislation becomes law. Stay tuned to the HRC Back Story for more information on civil unions in Colorado.

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