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Chris Gregoire to Chris Christie: Support Marriage Equality

The following post comes from HRC Digital Media Intern Eric Cameron:

A letter sent from Washington Gov. Chris Gregoire to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie – urging him to reconsider his position on marriage equality – has been circulating through the press.

In the January 31st letter, Gregoire describes her own evolution on the issue. “I have been on a personal journey, because while I am Governor, I am also Catholic,” she writes. “If you would like to talk, please give me a call.”

Letter to Chris Christie

According to ThinkProgress, the Chris from Washington has received no response to date.

Gregoire signed marriage equality into law in Washington state on Monday. Same-sex marriage was passed by the New Jersey Senate on the same day, but Gov. Christie has promised to veto any measure that reaches his desk. He’s called planned efforts to override his veto a “good bunch of theater.”

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