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Charlotte PRIDE Attendees Speak Out Against the Anti-Marriage Amendment

Charlotte prideThis post comes from HRC Field Organizer Chris Speer.

On Saturday, August 27th, 2011, thousands turned out for the largest Charlotte PRIDE festival on record.  Despite some occasional gusty winds throughout the day from Hurricane Irene, the festival was a major success!  Folks from all over North Carolina and South Carolina came out to enjoy various performances, music, games, Charlotte PRIDE band and hundreds of vendors!

Charlotte prideFrom the start of the event until late in the afternoon, the HRC and Equality NC tents were overflowing with folks looking for information on the anti-marriage constitutional amendment.  Due to the incredible work of some amazing volunteers, over 1,800 postcards were signed for Equality North Carolina.  Each of those postcards will be delivered to a Senator and Representative asking them to NOT vote for Senate Bill 106 and House Bill 777.  If passed in both chambers, this would be on the ballot in November of 2012, asking the citizens of North Carolina to write discrimination into the state’s constitution.

At the start of the festival, a small group of approximately fifty red-shirted protestor’s made their way through the center of the event, but by midday, most had disappeared as they were largely ignored.  One of the younger protestor’s, a young man not quite 18, joked with an HRC volunteer that he wished he could trade t-shirts.  His family had made him attend the event and he spoke enthusiastically about looking forward to graduating high school and moving out on his own to live his life as an openly gay man. It was a strong reminder that we must keep North Carolina free of hateful laws that could hurt   the youth.

Charlotte prideWith only two weeks away from a vote that could change the course of history for the state, we are urging folks to take action and get involved. It is time to unite as a community and stand up against discrimination and take action TODAY!

To volunteer in the Triangle area, please contact Jessica Osborn at

To volunteer in Asheville, please contact Lee Crayton at

To volunteer in the Triad area, please contact Chris Speer at

To volunteer in Moore County, please contact Andrew Porter at

For more information on the proposed amendments, visit

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