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Call to Action in the Tar Heel State

NC flagOn Tuesday, July 26 it was learned that in a surprise move the North Carolina House would soon be voting on whether to include an anti-gay marriage amendment on the ballot in 2012.  With this unexpected turn of events HRC volunteers and staff jumped into action, making phone calls for two days nonstop.  Over 20 volunteers where able to make over 4,000 calls into the state legislature.

The North Carolina HRC steering committee and Equality North Carolina made calls to volunteers, voters list, and the HRC membership lists urging consitutuents to call and ask the legislator in their district to vote no on the bill.  Going above and beyond.

Despite uncertainty throughout the day, the ballot initiative did not come to a vote during this session.  This is owed very much to the relentless work of volunteers, staff and organizers both working within and outside of North Carolina.  The Speaker of the North Carolina House has announced that he will not bring this amendment to the House floor unless there are 72 votes, enough votes to move it on to the ballot.  The future of the ballot initiative will not be decided until a special House session begins on September 12.  If you or someone you know is interested in volunteering with the North Carolina campaign, please contact Jess Osborn at or (786)718-8555.

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