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Businesses Line Up for 2013 Corporate Equality Index

2012 CEIThis post comes from HRC's Workplace Project Director, Kathryn Friedman:

The HRC Foundation has launched the 2013 Corporate Equality Index (CEI) and America’s major employers have been invited to secure their spot as an employer of choice. Since 2002 the HRC Foundation has administered the CEI that has transformed workplace policies in many of the nations Fortune 500, AmLaw 200, several hundred Fortune 1000 and other major businesses that are both publicly and privately owned, creating a benchmark for LGBT inclusion in the workplace.

Businesses will have until July 27, 2012 to complete the surveys for publication in the Fall 2012 report. And as our community has come to expect, our popular Buying for Equality Guide (based on CEI ratings) will be published in mid-November, right in time to inform holiday buying.

This year’s survey is historic, as the HRC Foundation will have a scored global index beginning with the 2014 CEI (calendar year 2013). The survey will evaluate: Global non-discrimination policies/ global codes of ethics, LGBT-inclusive benefits (parity), Employee Resource Group/ Diversity Council Presence Globally, LGBT Diversity Training, LGBT-Inclusive Global Relocation Guidelines, and Global Corporate Social Responsibility. When businesses receive their 2013 CEI ratings this fall, those with international operations also receive a preliminary global corporate equality score. We will be analyzing the data collected this year in order to determine the exact point distribution for scoring in 2014.  

LGBT people are an integral part of the American workforce and, similarly, the benefits and protections of employment are crucial to our community as we continue to work for full inclusion.  The CEI as a strategic tool for equality has produced huge strides for LGBT people for a decade.  As we move into the beginning of our second decade of work with American businesses, we are confident the work of the CEI will continue to create positive change for millions of LGBT people and their families.

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