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Bullying Prevention Month Webinar

youth reportPost submitted by Kim Westheimer, Director of Welcoming Schools

Want to get inspired by authors and parents who are making a difference? Log onto an interactive, engaging webinar that spotlights authors and parents who are organizing to stop bullying and make a difference for all children.

The series, organized by HRC Foundation’s Welcoming Schools program starts October 4th with a webinar featuring Carrie Goldman. Goldman became an anti-bullying activist when her 7 year old daughter was bullied after bringing a Star Wars Thermos to School.  Carrie’s blog post about her daughter’s experience went viral and generated an online community of support that captured international attention. Goldman has just published a new book, "Bullied: What Every Parent, Teacher and Kid Needs to Know About Ending the Cycle of Fear."

The second webinar (Nov 1) features Cheryl Kilodavis, a mother who wrote My Princess Boy, a picture book for young children that describes her son who loves the color pink, sparkly things, Cinderella costumes and tiaras.   Originally written to explain her son’s fondness for pretty things to teachers and peers, My Princess Boy became a movement of acceptance for every child who has ever felt left out or misunderstood solely because they’re different.

These webinars will also give you a chance to interact with Welcoming Schools staff and regional experts.  Sign up at:

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