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Bully Released Nationwide

Bully movieBully opens today in theaters nationwide with a hard-won PG-13 rating. 

Director Lee Hirsch’s documentary highlighting bullying in American schools is a powerful tool for educators, administrators, parents and children alike. The film provides an emotional look into the lives of youth directly impacted by bullying, following these courageous individuals from the first day of school to the last. 

This year 13 million American children will be bullied, making it the most common form of violence facing American youth, according to The Bully Project. Three million students will be absent from school because they feel unsafe.

Bully is a call to action for all Americans to stand together to protect our youth and end bullying. To learn more about the HRC Foundation’s work to create a safe and welcoming learning environment, visit Welcoming Schools.

Watch the trailer below:

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