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“Bully” Rating Updated to PG-13

Bully movieThe battle over the anti-bullying documentary's rating has finally come to an end.

On Thursday the Motion Picture Association of America tacked a PG-13 rating to Bully, in effect making the film accessible to a much wider audience.
"We are getting so much interest to see the film, and this makes it much easier for schools to get behind it,” Director Lee Hirsch said about the lowered rating in an interview with Reuters.
Initially, the Motion Picture Association of America gave the documentary an “R” rating, meaning most schools would be unable to screen the film. It also limited our nation's youth, many of whom face a tough culture of bullying, hate and violence, from seeing the film without adult supervision.

The filmmaker and studio behind the documentary lobbied MPAA ratings board to change the rating. When MPAA refused, the Weinstein Company moved forward with an “unrated” version for last weekend's limited release in Los Angeles and New York.

Bully’s honest look into schools is a powerful tool in finally putting an end to bullying. The powerful documentary will reach theaters nationwide on April 13.

Watch the trailer below:

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