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“Bully” Highest Grossing Documentary of 2012

Bully moviePost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

“Bully,” the groundbreaking documentary that offers an honest look at bullying in schools, is the highest-grossing documentary film of 2012 to date. Since its release last month, the film has brought in more than $2.5 million.

Last week, the film’s director, Lee Hirsch, spoke out about allegations that GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney engaged in anti-LGBT bullying as a student. Romney has shrugged aside any notion that the student’s sexual orientation played a role in the incidents. In an interview with TPM, Hirsch said:

“What I see is an opportunity for Mitt Romney to lead and really be an advocate for decreasing bullying. It’s sad to hear what occurred many years ago characterized as ‘pranks’ and ‘horsing around.’ We’re no longer conformable with the notion of describing bullying as ‘kids will be kids.’ This was a presidential moment, and this should be a teachable moment for him.”

“Bully” remains on over 250 screens across the country. Find the film in a theater near you. Check out the trailer below:

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