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Building Solidarity Across Faith Communities

It's been my pleasure to have been engaged for many months now in developing a pilot group in Los Angeles, A Moral Compass to Justice.  This group, led by Groves and Rev. Eric Lee of the Southern Christian Leadership Conference of California, is a collaborative of justice-minded faith leaders calling for a faith based alternative to the environment of racism, homophobia, discrimination and violence particularly in respect to immigration reform, LGBT equality and economic justice.  On Tuesday May 11th the group held a Stop the Hate forum at Second Baptist Church in Los Angeles, the last church Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. preached in before he was assassinated.  This event brought community leaders together to discuss the effects of hate speech and violence across and between all our diverse communities.  Rev. Lee and the panelists asked us to consider how collaboratively we can serve as a means to call attention to how hate violence perpetuated against one community, has a rippling effect for all of us.  For this work HRC, SCLC, and A Moral Compass to Justice were presented with a Certificate of Recognition from the California State Assembly

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