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Building Bridges with Communities of Faith

ChurchPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Mobilizing communities of faith around equality in 2012 played an instrumental role in our decisive victories. In fact, despite outspoken religious leaders who sometimes speak out forcefully against LGBT people, a majority of people of faith support equality primarily because they feel compelled by their faith to do so.

HRC is at the forefront of work that is making tremendous inroads with faith communities across the country – elevating the voices of pro-equality people of faith, fostering meaningful conversations about equality in congregations, and drowning out the false rhetoric of those who claim that equality and faith are conflicting values.

HRC’s Religion & Faith Program has invested heavily in faith-based organizing efforts this election cycle. In North Carolina, we mobilized voices within faith communities to serve as spokespeople for equality to the media across congregations. In Maryland and Washington State, HRC has provided significant faith-based support to the ballot campaign – from Faith Directors and organizers, to working with clergy and lay leaders on messaging around equality. We look forward to expanding these successful efforts in future marriage equality states.

As we head into 2013 and this work becomes increasingly important, learn more about what’s going on in HRC’s Religion & Faith Program.

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