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Cleveland Browns’ Linebacker Retweets Letter Condemning Teammate’s Homophobic Slur

Things are heating up for the Cleveland Browns on Twitter.

Last week, Browns’ rookie Tank Carder posted a homophobic comment to his account. He initially defended the tweet, saying he was "unapologetically strong." Eventually he removed the comment and on Monday apologized.

That doesn’t seem to sit well with Superbowl Champion and teammate Scott Fujita, who yesterday retweeted an open letter condemning Carder.

Gay former football player Vince Pryor originally posted the letter on OutSports, reminding Carder of his responsibility as a role model to young LGBT athletes, who struggle with the coming out process.

He writes:

They will think that your views represent their teammates’ views and they will stay hidden and never realize their full potential as an athlete. Although it may be hard for you to understand, this kind of fear and isolation can be devastating, as it was for me for many years.

It's undeniable the importance of athletes who step forward to publically support the LGBT community.

Fujita is one of a cadre of supportive professional athletes, film and music celebrities, political and civic leaders to join HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality, a public engagement campaign featuring prominent Americans who support committed gay and lesbian couples getting married.

“I’ve been married for twelve years and I know that it is unfair to keep other loving and committed couples from getting married and protecting their families,” Fujita said in the video. 

Watch his video below and learn more about HRC's Americans for Marriage Equality campaign at


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