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Bringing Equality to Everyone, Everywhere

While we had two major victories at the Supreme Court, the work continues for equality.

Today HRC Pres. Chad Griffin is on the ground in Salt Lake City, Utah, a red state, where he will kick off a tour to bring equality to everyone everywhere. Chad joined local LGBT leaders from the Utah pride center, Equality Utah, the ACLU of Utah, and Utah philanthropist and HRC board member Bruce Bastian to talk about yesterday's victories and what they mean for the broader fight for LGBT equality.

Even with the Supreme Court rulings, the loving relationships of LGBT Utahans go ignored by the government. And Utah is one of 29 states where you can fired from your job simply for being gay and 33 states for being transgender.

Our work continues.

HRC Board member Bruce Bastian

Brandie Balken of Equality Utah

Karen McCreary of the ACLU of Utah

Valerie Larabee of the Utah Pride Center


All Photos (c) Jim Urquhart/HRC

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