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BREAKING: Hawaii House May Vote to Postpone Civil Union Bill Indefinitely

This update on the latest news from Hawaii comes from our organizer Adrian Matanza: House Vote 002Tony and I are at the Capitol this morning, awaiting the House vote on HB444, Hawaii's civil union bill. After passing the Senate last week with a veto proof majority, the bill was sent to the House for consideration. Although, the vote on HB444 wasn't on the order of the day as of yesterday, many of the representatives as well as several of the major papers here in the state had projected that the vote would take place today. Late last night, HRC and Equality Hawaii had gotten word that House leadership may recommend in caucus a postponement of HB444 indefinitely, which would essentially kill the bill. Tony and I, along with many other advocates, are at the Capitol early this morning making last minute pleas to representatives and House leadership to consider a final vote on the bill this morning. The House leadership is afraid that without a veto-proof majority, the threat of a governor veto exists and a veto-override would prolong the issue well in the primary season and into the legislator's reelection campaigns. On a lighter note, after two weeks here in the Aloha state, I finally found an “Aloha” shirt that fits me like a glove. I can now effectively show the the true Aloha spirit. It only took two weeks! Stay tuned here for updates.

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