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Boilermakers Support DADT Repeal

The following post comes from HRC Field Organizer Adrian Matanza: On our final Voices of Honor Tour stop here in the Hoosier state, we spent the day in the Big Ten town of West Lafayette. Purdue University came out to show their support for repealing “Don't Ask, Don't Tell.” We gathered on the Memorial Mall setting up 800 flags to represent the 800 specialists that have been discharged under the DADT policy since it was enacted. With the students of PQSU, Purdue's LGBT student group, the flags were set up in no time. We did have to share the stage for a bit though; the Feminist Action Coalition for Today, held a moment of silence for the human rights violations against women. The group later came over to help with with postcards and to make calls to Senator Bayh urging him to vote for repeal. The local CBS affiliate, local paper, and school paper came out to hear about what we and FACT had to say about our causes. Most students on campus were intrigue by our display and came over to learn more. You can watch our interview on Channel 18 here. Later in the evening, we headed out to the city of West Lafayette to Pride Lafayette, the city's LGBT Center. We held a screening of 'Ask Not' and spoke to Hoosier veterans that have been affected by the discriminatory policy. Mary Tilden, did her master's thesis on the effects of veterans living under DADT at my alma mater back in San Diego, Calif. It was great to meet a Hoosier that knows about my tiny little school back home. We are a week and a half away from Veterans' Lobby Day on May 11th and the Hoosiers that have signed up are very excited to head out to DC to make their voices heard. We'll be boarding a bus to take us from Indy to DC with stops in Columbus, OH and Morgantown, WV. If you are a veteran or a friend or family of a veteran and want to join us, contact me at You can also learn more at

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