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Bishop Gene Robinson: Loving Free

Love free or diePost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Bishop Gene Robinson is in London this week and is taking the opportunity to reflect on the progress the Episcopal Church has made on issues of equality, and what the Church of England can learn. Earlier this year, Bishop Robinson chronicled that progress in the documentary Love Free or Die. The film followed Bishop Robinson  to the Lambeth Conference that same year, to Barack Obama's inauguration, to the fight for gay marriage in New Hampshire, to the 2009 Episcopal General Convention, and finally to the upcoming consecration of the second openly gay Episcopal Bishop, Mary Glasspool. 

HRC is sponsoring a meet and greet with the filmmaker, Macky Allston, as part of the Cleveland Film Festival this Saturday.

In his piece, Bishop Robinson writes:

As I return to England, I am perplexed at how little has changed here. The English Church is still arguing over whether ordained women are fit matter for consecration as bishops. One would think that if they were intrinsically unfit to be a Bishop, they would be unfit to be ordained at all! Women are children of God, and if you don't believe them to be full members of the Body of Christ, then stop baptizing them as well!

…I appreciate the Church of England from which so many churches around the globe were birthed. But I long for it to express its full and unequivocal acceptance of women, and to find its way toward embracing and celebrating the gay men, lesbians, bisexual, and transgender people within and beyond its congregations. Aren't English Anglicans embarrassed that the secular State is more inclusive than the Church?

Read the full piece.

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