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Best Man

Maine same-sex couplesThis post comes from Katie Guare, Senior Regional Field Organizer with EqualityMaine:

Things are really heating up this summer in Central Maine as we continue the fight for marriage equality for committed same-sex couples. Last week, the Portland Press Herald released a poll showing support for marriage equality at 57 percent.

To highlight the personal side of this amazing rising number, a dedicated volunteer recruited five of her friends to meet in the basement of the Augusta Unitarian Church to write letters to local newspapers. Together, we discussed the people in our lives that want to be able to celebrate their love and commitment with a marriage license.

After one more round of editing, we are planning to submit the letters this week. However, I wanted to give you a sneak peak of Anita’s letter. Anita is a straight ally and mother of a gay son. After reading, click here if you are inspired to write your own letter.

Best Man

I have learned a lot in the past seventeen years.

I used to just wonder secretly if our elder son was gay. Some signs were there, but I denied them and buried the thoughts. I didn't know much about homosexuality and it scared me.

It wasn't until his younger brother's wedding that I began to see more clearly. The wedding was in St. Louis, 1996.  It was a beautiful ceremony on the grounds of a stately mansion. There were gifts and bridesmaids and flowers; exchange of vows and rings. There was even a horse-drawn carriage to whisk the bride and groom off to the reception and an evening of dining and dancing.

It was a happy time. But our oldest son was in a strange mood. He was not his usual upbeat, fun-loving self. When I asked if something was wrong, he mumbled something and turned away. He seemed confused but said only that he was struggling with the Best Man toast. He wanted it to be right. I didn't pursue it at the time, but somehow knew. I just knew. Later, I found the courage to ask and he told me about Jim. They had been together for five years.  I came to understand that he was in a loving, committed his brother.

I have learned so much. Our son did not choose to be gay; he chose to be himself.

Please vote yes on 1 for marriage equality this fall.

Anita Morrissey

No matter where you live, you can make a difference in Maine.  HRC has set up a special fund – HRC Maine Families PAC – to direct 100 percent of your contribution to help win marriage equality in Maine.  Together, we can mobilize the majority of Mainers who support marriage equality and win at the ballot this November.

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