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Bellingham Makes the Case: Marriage Equality is Right for Washington

Bellingham speakerPost submitted by Adrian Matanza, Former HRC Regional Field Director

Last night, we wrapped up our series of community meetings on marriage equality across Washington State in Bellingham. With over 70 members of the community in attendance, folks listened to powerful stories of why marriage equality is the right thing to do. They also heard from supportive local leaders like Mayor Dan Pike and Councilman Terry Bornemann. Both spoke about the need for marriage equality and how Bellingham always has been a leader for pro-equality issues.

Congressman Rick Larsen, who came out in support of marriage equality and the Washington United coalition sent over a statement in support of the meeting, which was held in his district.

Rep. Larsen writes:

It has been an honor of mine to work with the Human Rights Campaign on a variety of issues over the years. In fact, one of our most recent successes was the repeal of the long out-dated and discriminatory policy of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell. Just as our country has righted the wrong of disallowing those who love their country from serving their country; it is time to right another wrong.

In the past I have supported civil unions to ensure domestic partners rights the law protects and defends, but always came up short in supporting the next step of full marriage equality. 

However, earlier this year I righted this wrong by announcing my full support for marriage equality.

            I was the first member of the delegation to endorse Washington United for Marriage.

People from all walks of life, including gay and lesbian couples, share the same values of love, commitment and family. The freedom to marry the person you love is fundamental to a democratic society.

            I am asking you to join me today in endorsing Washington United for Marriage.

Join Congressman Larsen and the rest of the Washington United for Marriage Coalition. Email to find out more about getting involved.

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