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Bacon, Eggs, and DOMA

Lea Matthews & Rachel BlackLea Matthews and Rachel Black from New York attended the hearing this morning on Capitol Hill on the Respect for Marriage Act, which repeals the discriminatory Defense of Marriage Act. DOMA denies federal recognition to legally married same-sex couples. The post below is written by Rachel.

This was our first time as a family to visit Washington, D.C. We were amazed at how unbelievably hot it was, that a restaurant actually had bacon and eggs on the kid’s dinner menu, and that Nora, our 3-year-old, sat through the oh-so-serious legislative hearing on marriage equality (with help of course from a DVD).

Lea and I listened intently to the Senators and witnesses, both pro- and anti-marriage equality.  We were inspired by the civil rights hero, Congressman John Lewis, who spoke of the dignity of marriage. We were impressed by Sen. Patrick Leahy wondering out loud what it would be like if the federal government didn’t recognize his 49-year marriage to his wife—just like the government doesn’t recognize the legal marriages of tens of thousands of gay and lesbian couples.

The guy from the anti-gay Focus on the Family, Tom Minnery, told Congress that research shows children do best when they have a mom and a dad. That’s not correct. The research shows that kids do best when they have two parents.  (As an aside, when anyone from the opposition spoke, Democratic Senators, I noticed, leaned in.  To me that shows a united front. Thanks to each and every one of you.)

We were startled to hear our names being spoken in the microphone by HRC president Joe Solmonese. He was right in saying, “With marriage now a reality for gay and lesbian couples in New York, Rachel and Lea are excited to be tying the knot at long last. But for gay and lesbian couples like them, the joy of finally being able to marry is tempered by the fact that DOMA remains in the way of true equality.”

After Joe said our names, the photographers came over to snap some photos of our family. Of course Nora had to put her "blankee" over her face!

The thing that kept running through my mind this morning was, what arguments are the anti-gay people going to make once the younger generations, who fully support marriage equality on both sides of the political aisle, grow up? I don’t see what they will be able to hang their hat on. It may take a while to get rid of DOMA. But guess what. We’re patient people. We have a 3-year-old.

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