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Back to Work: The Tools You Need to Jumpstart Your Job Hunt

The following comes from Allyson Robinson, HRC's Associate Director of Diversity:

HRC’s Back to Work program is designed to give transgender job seekers who have experienced discrimination a competitive edge as they reenter the job market.  I asked Sharon Skipper, lead trainer for our free Back to Work seminar coming up in Boston on February 26-27, how participating in the workshop can make a crucial difference for trans job seekers.

Here’s some of her advice: TIME & EDGE: Rarely do jobseekers have the luxury of remaining unemployed for months – but the average job search time is one month for every $10,000 of desired income in a normal economy. But efficient planning, preparation and training will give you a competitive edge. At Back to Work, you’ll learn how to bolster your cover letter, play to your strengths and nail your interviews.

MORALE: Looking for a job takes a great deal of time and energy – and at times, it can be a draining experience. Isolation and frustration can beat you down – we trans people know a lot about that. But in Back to Work, you’ll learn tips on how to stay positive and optimistic, and how to stay forward-focused.

EXPERIENCE: You always can strengthen your network – and Back to Work offers you a chance to build connections with other trans job seekers and gain insight from career experts. Think of your job search as a major project.  If you were the project manager, wouldn’t you want the most educated, experienced, successful people on your team? There are still a few spots available for the Back to Work seminar in Boston on February 26-27.  Register today!

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