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Back to College… for Marriage Equality

Stony BrookAlmost 30 years ago this month I graduated from the State University of New York at Stony Brook. I returned there this week for Commencement Day and it was an emotionally powerful day on several levels.

I was filled with emotions as I saw the buildings and signs I remembered well, but what moved me most were the conversations I had with some of the graduates, their families and other loved ones. You see, I was there, along with other HRC organizers, to collect signatures of supporters for marriage equality since the state Senators representing most of Long Island may very well decide the future of marriage equality in New York.

I came out of the closet during my time at Stony Brook, and it was a rather lonely experience.  30 years later I was moved practically to tears to see the exuberance with which hundreds of people, gay and straight, black, and white, Asian, Latino, Jewish, Christian, young and old signed on in support of marriage equality.

One graduate was with her mother and grandmother, three generations of New Yorkers. The graduate, a straight supporter, gladly signed a postcard for marriage equality, in between posing for pictures with her family. Her mother, also a supporter, filled out a postcard. Much to my surprise and the graduate’s, the graduate’s grandmother, took the other clipboard and pen out of my hands and filled out her own explaining how now is the time for marriage equality.

Like many, I learned a lot about life while in college.  On campus this week, I learned the families of New York are more than ready to graduate to marriage equality.Stony Brook

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