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At Honolulu Pride, Celebrating and Working for Victory on Civil Unions

This weekend, Tony and I partnered with Equality Hawaii at Honolulu Pride. With over 500 people in attendance, we collected postcards to send to Governor Lingle, urging her to sign the recently passed civil unions bill. With the bill on the verge of passage, everyone was ready and excited to celebrate a victory. Some said, “this is what a pride celebration should be about; celebrating the successes that the community has won.” Senate President Colleen Hanabusa visited the Equality Hawaii and HRC booth to chat and wish us luck as the bill heads to the Governor’s desk. The civil unions bill left her chamber earlier this year with a veto proof majority. Hanabusa is running for Congress in this year's election. Former Rep. Neil Abercrombie and current gubernatorial candidate also stopped by to show his continued support for the community. After working in Indiana on “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” repeal, we continued our work here in Hawaii. Senator Akaka voted in favor of DADT repeal in the Senate Armed Services Committee, and we collected more postcards to send to Senator Inouye asking him to do the same when the full Senate votes on the National Defense Authorization Act. With the support of the entire Hawaii congressional delegation, repeal will happen this year. If you’re in Hawaii or have friends or family in Hawaii and want to get involved, contact me at

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