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Ask Rick Perry: Where Do You Stand on Federal Law Ignoring State Rights?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has been sending plenty of mixed signals on just exactly who should have the final say on marriage equality – states or the federal government. First, when asked about marriage equality in New York, Perry said it was a state right’s issue. Then, after his anti-gay cronies took him to task, he back-peddled and, in an AP interview, threw his support behind a federal marriage amendment. 

Perry’s muddled statements have left us wondering where exactly he stands on the intricacies of marriage equality, the rights afforded to legally married same-sex couples at the state level, and the impact of discriminatory federal laws like DOMA. To get clarification, we need your help in asking Perry some questions each day. Our question for the Governor today is:

Governor Perry, do you support the federal government ignoring state law in places like New York and treating legally married same-sex New York spouses as complete strangers?

Tweet Governor Perry. For more on Governor Perry’s anti-gay rhetoric and partnerships with some of the most doggedly anti-gay groups in the nation, check

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