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Arkansas Paper: Change Your Discriminatory Obit Policy

BatesvilleLast week, the Batesville Daily Guard indicated they intended to change their policy of listing only married couples in their free obituaries. The current policy blatantly discriminates against committed LGBT couples who don’t have the option of legally marrying in Arkansas. HRC is working in partnership with the Center for Artistic Revolution (CAR), a statewide LGBT organization in Arkansas, on advocating for the policy change.

The Guard’s legal counsel, Oscar Jones, told HRC he “hopes and believes the policy will be changed.” Jones’ mother, Pat Jones, is the paper’s owner and manager.

We expect the paper to stand by its word and do the right thing.

Over the course of the past few days, nearly 2200 Americans have told the Guard to change their discriminatory policy. HRC also ran a print ad last week in the paper. Friday’s historic marriage victory in New York is the most tangible evidence to date that American’s opinions on LGBT equality are shifting rapidly. Join us in calling on the Batesville Daily Guard to get with the times and update their outdated policy.

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