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Anti-LGBT NC Candidate Calls Us Bullies

We told you yesterday about Steve Henion, the North Carolina State House hopeful who mocked a picture of two lesbians on their wedding day. In the tweet, he asked why “anti-marriage” folks didn’t share that kind of picture more broadly. We suggested our members and supporters tweet back at Henion, asking him what exactly is wrong with a picture of a loving couple proud to publicly share their commitment to one another?

Well, you tweeted – and we got his attention pretty quickly. Last night, Henion lashed back out at us. He tweeted our post and called us “intolerant,” “bully’s,” and “#LGBT flee bags.”





















This is the kind of rhetoric we’re up against in North Carolina. Tuesday’s Amendment One vote is a crucial one. See how your support is making a difference. Act now to get involved and play a role in pushing back against the discriminatory Amendment One.

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