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Anti-LGBT Legislators on the Rise on Capitol Hill

HRC today released its Congressional Scorecard for the 112th Congress, rating members of Congress on their support for LGBT-equality. Analysis shows that though the LGBT equality is making gains on Capitol Hill, anti-LGBT legislators continue to halt progress.

While the American people move forward on issues of equality, the majority of Congress – particularly the House – continues to be out of touch.

The average score of House members was 40 percent and 35 for Senators, down significantly from the 111th Congress.

For the first time in this scorecard, HRC noted whether of not members of Congress have taken an affirmative position in favor of marriage equality.

In the House, 115 members scored 100 percent, including 33 from states with marriage equality and eight from states facing marriage related ballot measure this November. 

In the Senate, 22 scored 100 percent, including seven from states with marriage equality and five from ballot measure states.

The number of Senators with a zero percent score decreased from 32 last Congress to 14 this year, but disturbingly in the House, the number of zeroes dramatically increased from 144 to 219.

LGBT Americans, allies, friends, family and co-workers have the power to decide whether to move forward or lose ground. To learn more about the Congressional Scorecard for the 112th Congress visit and HRC's searchable database to find Senators’ and Representatives’ positions on marriage as well as their co-sponsorship of key bills.



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