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Anti-LGBT Legislation Gaining Ground in Uganda, Nigeria

Call It OutPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Two bills poised to move in Nigeria and Uganda stand to essentially make it illegal for LGBT people to live openly – and the fingerprints of the extremist Christian right in the U.S. are all over the blueprints for the discriminatory pieces of legislation.

In Uganda, the leader of parliament says to expect a vote within the next few weeks on an anti-gay bill that originally called for openly LGBT people to be put to death. The AP reports that Speaker Rebecca Kadaga wants to pass the discriminatory bill as a “Christmas gift” for anti-gay Christian activists, who claim that gay people are a threat to Ugandan children.

In Nigeria, a bill advancing in the House of Representatives would outlaw relationships between LGBT people – proposing jail sentences of 14 years for same-sex couples who wed, up to 10 years for public displays of affection like kissing, and threatening critical programs such as HIV/AIDS prevention initiatives.

Fundamentalist U.S. pastors Carl Ellis Jenkins, Lou Engle, and Scott Lively have played a leading role in drumming up dangerous anti-LGBT sentiment – particularly in Uganda. Engle even publicly defended the Ugandan legislation when it still called for some LGBT people to be put to death. Carl Jenkins opened dozens of churches in Uganda to "help clean up bad morals, including homosexuality."

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