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Anti-LGBT Groups Form Coalition against Marriage Equality in Illinois

Call It OutPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

A number of anti-LGBT organizations in Illinois are banding together to fight marriage equality and are trotting out a false and tired argument that, just last month, voters in states like Minnesota soundly rejected: the claim that discriminating against same-sex couples who want to marry the person they love is somehow about protecting children.

Illinois legislators introduced marriage equality legislation earlier this year. Now, the Coalition to Protect Children & Marriage says it’s gearing up for a lobbying campaign to prevent marriage equality from coming to the Prairie State.

One of the coalition leaders, Mary Anne Hackett with Catholic Citizens of Illinois, compares marriage equality to “personal gratification,” saying:

Only a marriage of heterosexual persons can produce children and secure the future of society. The protection of the lives and development of children must take priority over the personal gratification of even one single adult. The definition of natural marriage must be between one man and one woman, unchanged by whims and claims of equality.

In addition to Catholic Citizens of Illinois, additional coalition members include the Illinois Family Institute, the Eagle Forum of Illinois, the Thomas More Society, Abstinence and Marriage Partnership, Illinois Citizens for Life PAC, Lake County Right to Life, Concerned Christian Americans, and Family-Pac.

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