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Anti-Gay Legislator Desperate to Grab More Votes in NH

New Hampshire FlagThe following post comes from HRC Regional Field Organizer Trevor Chandler:

This week, the sponsor of the marriage equality repeal bill, Rep. David Bates, revealed how desperate he is to pass this mean-spirited legislation. After the poor showing at his “rally” and after most major NH newspapers have resoundingly spoken out against repeal, Rep. Bates says he will amend his bill in any number of ways to gain enough votes to pass it in the House. Even he admits there is particularly heinous language that, according to him, causes “angst for some people”.  

But cosmetic fixes or tinkers won't do the trick. Legislators are seeing more and more prominent Republicans in the state come out against repeal.  And they, too, see the same statewide polls which show that anywhere from 59-62 percent of voters think repeal is the wrong way to go. Bates doesn't believe in polling, but after two years of virtually the same lop-sided result, it's clear he's also willing to bet against the people of New Hampshire.

HRC has been active on the ground working with Standing Up for NH Families to make sure legislators on the fence are hearing from their many fair-minded constituents. Our volunteer phone banks have been staged throughout the state and collectively, they've generated tens of thousands of contacts, initiated thousands of conversations and we’re just getting started. 

Our focus is crystal clear: we are working hard to ensure that Gov. Lynch's veto of the bill is easily sustained. We're making incredible headway, with legislators increasingly reluctant to take this fight on, particularly nearly three years after marriage equality was granted and more than 1900 couples have married.  

Each week that the vote gets postponed is proving to be another week when one more newspaper weighs in opposing repeal, or a hundred more calls are lobbed into legislators, or more prominent Granite Staters step up to speak against repeal.  We're winning hearts and minds while Rep.Bates takes out his editing pen, hoping to reclaim some ground.  It's smacks of desperation and it simply means the work goes on up North with more people joining our grassroots efforts every day.

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