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Anti-Gay Groups Ramping Up Marriage Campaign in New York

It’s not clear yet when, or if, marriage equality bill will come to a vote this year in the Empire State. But those opposed to committed, loving couples getting married are moving forward as if it is.

The Coalition to Save Marriage in New York is a veritable “Who’s Who” of anti-LGBT groups across the state. According to the Coalition’s Facebook page, they lobbed 500,000 calls into legislative offices against marriage equality on Tuesday.  The group just fired up its once quiet social media channels, often re-posting material from the Family Research Council.

The National Organization for Marriage is also jumping into the fight, last night posting its legislative action alert asking folks to contact their lawmakers over the next two weeks. Check out our brief on NOM’s 2009 financial activities in New York. Visit New Yorkers for Marriage Equality to find out what you can affirmatively do to support marriage and become a New York NOM Watcher.

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