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Countdown to Tax Day Continues

Post submitted by Paul Guequierre, HRC Staff

As the countdown to tax day continues, we continue to reflect on the unfair tax burden millions of LGBT taxpayers face and the need to remedy the problem.  Repealing DOMA and securing marriage equality in all 50 states is the solution.  Until that happens, we must tell our personal stories to change hearts and minds. 

To personalize our tax struggles, every day leading up to tax day we will release a fact of the day on unfair taxation. We encourage you to use Facebook and Twitter to spread the message. Yesterday we told you an average retired same-sex couple will be denied more than $8,000 a year in Social Security survivor benefits upon the death of the higher-earning spouse after retirement.

Today’s fact of the day: Same-sex partners and spouses of Armed Forces members are denied military benefits that straight couples receive. #gaytax #repealdoma

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To raise awareness of the inequities same-sex couples face on tax day, HRC this week released an issue brief on Federal Taxation, illustrating how same-sex couples are denied equal treatment under the tax law, are forced to spend more time and money filing their taxes, and face inconsistent interpretation and enforcement of IRS guidance and practice related to adoption. 

Help shine light on the need for marriage equality and repeal of the Discriminatory DOMA law by tweeting the Fact of the Day now. Don’t miss our Lunchtime Twitter Power Hour between 12 p.m. and 1 p.m. EST, when we will call on supporters to tweet their personal stories of tax inequality at House Speaker John Boehner (@SpeakerBoehner) and Majority Leader Eric Cantor (@EricCantor)


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