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Anger and Disappointment in Colorado

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Late last night, the Republican leadership in the Colorado House of Representatives closed the regular 2012 legislative session without debating the Colorado Civil Union Act, effectively killing the bill and more than 30 other pending measures. 

The civil unions bill had previously passed the State Senate by a wide bipartisan margin, as well as three house committees - also on bipartisan votes. As many as five Republicans in the House of Representatives had indicated they would stand with Democrats to pass the bill on the floor, but none of that mattered. The Republican leaders in the House, who opposed civil unions, decided it was more important to kill the bill than to listen to the more than 70 percent of Coloradans who supported it.

Last night’s drama in the House is another reminder that elections have consequences. If we are to advance equal rights and responsibilities in Colorado in 2013, we must elect a stronger pro-equality majority to the Colorado State House this November. It's time to register to vote if you're not already registered, and time to volunteer with fair-minded candidates, even if you've never volunteered before.

Your actions in the next six months will determine the path forward for the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community in Colorado.

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