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An All-Out Push for Marriage Equality

Marty Phone BankWith the legislative clock ticking down, it's time for an all-out push for marriage equality.  For six weeks now, New Yorkers United for Marriage has run phone banks at the midtown Manhattan headquarters of SEIU/1199.  Thousands of calls have been made to residents across the state, identifying supporters of marriage equality and mobilizing them to contact their state Senator.

Our sincerest thanks to our SEIU/1199 hosts and to the great leadership team of staff and interns who have run these phone banks effectively and efficiently.  And a special thanks to the hundreds of volunteers who took the time out of their busy New York lives to come to a phone bank and dial for equality.

The campaign for marriage equality has been broad and deep.  Phone banks have taken place in several places across the state, including Buffalo, Rochester, Albany, Manhattan, Peekskill, White Plains and Nassau and Suffolk Counties on Long Island.  Marty Phone Bank Image

Field organizers with clip boards and postcards in-hand have talked to voters at shopping centers,  on Main Streets, on college campuses, at farmers' markets, festivals and beaches, in places of worship, in nightclubs, on train platforms and on doorsteps.  

It is this person-to-person conversation that is having an impact.  

One woman I spoke with on the phone said to me, "Thank you for calling me and for making it easy to show my support."

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