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Amanda B. Chambers: Why I Volunteer

Amanda B. Chambers (right) with her wife Courtney ChambersAmanda B. Chambers (right) with her wife, Courtney Chambers

I volunteer because I believe it's the right thing to do.

In the face of injustice, one has many choices: to linger in the anger, to despair in frustration, to become stymied by how many barriers to living an equal life exist for queer people in our society. I certainly have found myself, and still find myself, having all these responses, and this is one reason why I volunteer: to move myself into a place of action where I can make a difference, however small.

I think it's a privilege to be able to donate my time, talent and treasure to an organization fighting (and winning) the battle for equality, and I recognize that not everyone is in a place emotionally, physically, financially or spiritually where volunteering is an option. So, I also volunteer for those who cannot. I volunteer for the only out person in hir high school, for the single mom who is closeted as she works three jobs (each of which, because of the lack of work place protections against discrimination, she could lose for being a lesbian) so her children can have a better life, for the boy kicked out of his church choir, and for the military personnel still frightened to come out after years of living a double life.

My hope is that my small actions will contribute not only to equal rights, but to cultivating and supporting others--other fair minded people dedicated to finding justice, all willing to hop on the bandwagon of action, for all their own reasons.