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Aloha Equality! Neil Abercrombie Wins Dem. Nomination

Despite the six hour time difference between the HRC offices in Washington and the final primary election of the year in Hawaii, emails were flying and phone calls were being made.  At 5pm Hawaii time on Saturday, voting closed in the contentious democratic primary for governor in Hawaii and advocates for equality have reason to cheer! Neil Abercrombie, out-spent by his longtime rival, Mufi Hannemann (the former mayor of Honolulu), raced out to an early lead in the evening and never looked back as the results came in. 

Winning almost every island in the state, Abercrombie beat Hannemann 60-38 – a result that was far more dominant than prognosticators expected. Abercrombie, a consistent scorer of 100% of HRC’s congressional scorecard, has pledged to fight for LGBT rights in the state and to assure that all families in Hawaii are treated equally under the law.  But the good news didn’t end there. Openly gay state house Majority Leader, Blake Oshiro, also won his primary election against Honolulu city councilman (and anti-equality democrat) Gary Okino.  Oshiro was responsible for reviving the civil unions bill at the end of the session in April by giving a moving and heart-felt speech imploring his colleagues to pass the bill.  Although Governor Lingle ultimately vetoed the bill, Oshiro should find a close ally in the Governor’s office when the new legislative session begins in January.

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