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Albany Update: Vote on Marriage May Be Only Hours Away

The Senate Chamber in the New York Capitol is currently empty and therefore eerily quiet.  The sound of silence only serves to increase the amount of tension in the air.

Within minutes the Senate may be called into order and begin debating the final bills on their agenda.  The Marriage Equality Act is expected to be the last bill brought forward for consideration.

With the eyes of the country focused on the New York Senate chamber, we are aware of the gravity of this day.

Outside the chamber there are a few proponents and opponents of marriage equality, but the mood is much different from the past two days of chaos.  Everyone senses that this is a momentous day.

The years of organizing, lobbying, talking to family, friends, neighbors, and strangers about the need to protect and respect loving gay, lesbian, and bisexual couples may very well all come down to these next few hours.

The very personal and persistent attention so many have given to this fight for equality for so long is a beautiful example of the human spirit.

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