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Add Your Voice to the Movement


Our bus tour is packed with ways to better connect you to the LGBT community, from workshops to sermons to open houses. Though our bus may move on to the next tour stop, the spirit and excitement lingers.

HRC’s ‘On the Road to Equality’ tour brings together a true representation of our diverse community. We asked the group in Nebraska to take a moment to add their voices to the movement, and to tell America why equality is important to them and their state. Despite their different backgrounds, the message was the same: Equality gives the LGBT community the chance to love themselves.

One man from Omaha, Nebraska said that his decision to live equally and openly has allowed him to better care for himself and his family.

Another woman said she defends equality because, “I’m an American and it’s my responsibility as an American citizen to protect all other American citizens, regardless of their gender, their religion, their sexual orientation.”

Check out our video page to see what else the people of Nebraska had to say about our tour, Nebraska’s LGBT community, and their struggle to live honestly.  Their stories are an inspirational glimpse into the resilience of a diverse community that is too often marginalized. 

Get on board and be a part of the equality movement. Stop by an open house near you and share your story of equality.

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