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Act Now: Tell the Catholic Church to Stop Donating to NOM

Brian Brown NOMWe’ve told you via our NOM Exposed project that one of NOM’s most well-known and generous donors is the Catholic fraternal organization the Knights of Columbus.

In 2009, the Knights donated $1.4 million to NOM – enough to fund most of NOM’s successful $1.8 million push in Maine to repeal the state’s marriage equality law.

More recently, we’ve learned that NOM’s funding is going toward a strategy rooted in racial division and manipulation to stem the tide of LGBT equality.

Send a strong message to the Catholic Church: tell Cardinal Timothy Dolan, the highest ranking bishop in the United States, that NOM’s hate-driven strategy is out of step with the teachings of the Church.

It’s no secret that there’s a jarring gap between the hierarchy and the average Catholic when it comes to matters of LGBT equality. In fact, a majority of Catholics support marriage equality.

Act now, and join us in sending a message that the Catholic Church must stop giving funds and lending credence to NOM.

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