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Act Now: Tell Romney to Fire Ruthlessly Anti-LGBT National Finance Chair

Mitt RomneyPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Meet Frank VanderSloot. He's Mitt Romney's National Finance Chair, and he's also one of the most ruthlessly anti-gay businessmen in the nation. He's given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBT causes, including the Prop 8 battle. He spearheaded a heinous billboard campaign against Idaho Public Television for airing content that "promote[s] the homosexual lifestyle." He even outed a reporter who covered a scandal in the local Boy Scouts troop.

VanderSloot is a bully with absolutely no moral compass and he's also responsible for bringing in the money that keeps Romney's presidential campaign going.

We can’t let Romney off the hook for this – act now.

Join us in telling Mitt Romney: run a campaign that respects all Americans. Fire Frank VanderSloot immediately and return all of the money he has donated to your campaign.

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