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Act Now: Tell Romney to Fire Ruthlessly Anti-LGBT National Finance Chair

Meet Frank VanderSloot. He's Mitt Romney's National Finance Chair, and he's also one of the most ruthlessly anti-gay businessmen in the nation. He's given hundreds of thousands of dollars to anti-LGBT causes, including the Prop 8 battle. He spearheaded a heinous billboard campaign against Idaho Public Television for airing content that "promote[s] the homosexual lifestyle." He even outed a reporter who covered a scandal in the local Boy Scouts troop.

VanderSloot is a bully with absolutely no moral compass and he's also responsible for bringing in the money that keeps Romney's presidential campaign going.

We can’t let Romney off the hook for this – act now.

Join us in telling Mitt Romney: run a campaign that respects all Americans. Fire Frank VanderSloot immediately and return all of the money he has donated to your campaign.

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