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Act Now: Tell Romney to Fire Frank

Fire FrankPost submitted by Dan Rafter, Former HRC Associate Director of Communications

Mitt Romney must not have been too sincere when he claimed earlier this year that he rejected discrimination against LGBT people. Because it he meant what he said, it’s baffling that he continues to associate with Frank VanderSloot, the anti-LGBT Idaho fundraiser who serves as Romney’s national finance co-chair.

Already more than 40,000 of you have spoken out and called on Romney to disassociate himself from VanderSloot. Add your name now.

VanderSloot has made significant contributions to causes that demonize us and tear apart our families (like Prop 8); he’s outed a reporter in Idaho as retribution for a story the man wrote; and he even ran a billboard campaign blasting content Idaho Public Television ran as “promot[ing] the homosexual lifestyle.”

Take action now.

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